Folakunle Oshun Presents the Wolof/ Jollof Exhibition

The solo exhibition Wolof/ Jollof by the Nigerian-born sculptor Folakunle Oshun, is going to be curated by Inês Valle and it will share with Nigerians several stories and tastes that emerge from one of the most beloved Nigerian dishes the ‘Jollof Rice’, by sharing the most recent collaborative work by the artist on display at the National Museum Onikan – Lagos, between 6 to 13 of December of 2015.

This exhibition which explores the popularity and migratory controversy of this culinary dish consists of a huge outdoor art installation of 70 unique three legged cooking pots mounted on wheels; some of which will be used to cook Jollof recipes from across West African nations and Folakunle Oshun and Inês Valle will be traveling through West African coast, tracing the route and the recipes’ variations that this dish entails by investigating the multilayer socio-local stories of this migrant dish. A journey that will take them to Benin, Togo, Ghana, Liberia, Mali, Gambia, and finally Senegal where the original Thiebou Denn recipe is made by the Wolof tribe.



This project will culminate with a publication.

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