Nigerian celebs have taken their long throat to the public with the hashtag ThingsILongThroatFor. It all started last night with Wizkid. Wizzy went on Twitter to announce things he Long Throat’s for! Haha…So funny! Tiwa Savage and even Seyi Shay then joinedmatta to tweet what they both Long Throat for!Tiwa Savage 2

For all my non-Naija readers and those who don’t know the Naija expression ‘Long Throat,’ let me explain… So, Long Throat or Long Throating (lmao) simply means to desire something you find to be amazing. It can also be used to describe a usually far-reaching aspiration or goal. E.g: “I long throat to be the richest woman in Africa.” Lol, see what I mean?


Hmmmm…what kinda stuff do we Long Throat for? #ThingsILongThroatFor.

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