4 Signs it’s time to upgrade to windows 10

Windows 10 has been downloaded over a million times by different users worldwide. Meanwhile, other users who want to download or upgrade their system have the opportunity to do so because it is free. However, before you download, shares several signs to look out for that will inform you that it is time to upgrade to windows 10.

When you receive notification

The notification is the simplest signal that users can get to upgrade their system. When you click the windows 10 icon at the bottom left hand corner of your system, you will find information on whether you can upgrade or not. However, before then, you will receive notifications to inform you that you can schedule your windows 10 upgrade. It is free for a limited period.

Free till July 2016

From now until July 2016, you can upgrade to Windows 10 for free. So, why don’t you upgrade it now rather than paying for it later. After July 2016, you will have to pay for. Despite, the complaints about the upgrade, it is advisable to do it now because the future of windows is 10.

Less Complaints

There has been a quantum of complaints about windows 10 and it has made many users cautious to upgrade from their windows 7, 8 and 8.1 to 10. It is therefore, follows that users have to be careful, backup all their files and thoroughly ensure that the complaints die down before they download it.

When you have no choice

There will come a time when users will have no choice than to upgrade their systems to windows 10 because of compatibility issues. Soon, many of the software that will be produced will only work with windows 10. Hence, it will become compulsory for users to upgrade their windows especially when the software is important to their work.

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