Russia Suspends Flights To Egypt

Following the crash of a Russian Airliner in Sinai on Saturday which was enroute to St. Petersburg, Russia has ordered the immediate suspension of all flights to Egypt.

The Metrojet aircraft which had 224 people on board recorded no survivors as the plane was suspected to have snapped into two midair.

ISIL immediately claimed responsibility for the bombing, a claim which the Egyptian government tagged a ruse. However, following revelations from U.S and U.K authorities, there are serious speculations that the plane crash was indeed caused by bomb.¨

There are reports that a bomb was planted in the plane’s hold shortly before take off to back claims by the airline’s Deputy Director general that the crash could not have been caused by a mechanical fault.

President Vladmir Putin has also asked that almost 50,000 Russian tourists in Egypt to return to Russia. Russia’s decision is undoubtedly going to affect Egyptian tourism adversely and gives credence to the fact that contrary to the claims of Russian officials, they indeed believe that a bomb caused the bombing.

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