Dr. Ben Carson Admits To Lying About Scholarship In His Book “Gifted Hands”

Despite a good number of campaign gaffes, Dr. Ben Carson has finally taken a slender lead in the polls over his closest rival and the man who ruled the polls for ages, Donald Trump.

Both men are unlikely front runners for the Republican Presidential ticket as they slug it out. On paper, Dr Carson appears to be the better candidate, with a relatable rags to riches story and a distinguished career as a neurosurgeon.

A few best selling motivational books haven’t hurt either but one seemingly minor detail from one of his books has come back to bite him in the rump. In his book “Gifted Hands”, Ben Carson claims he was offered a full scholarship to West Point after meeting Gen. William Westmoreland, who commanded United States forces in Vietnam.

Dr. Carson has admitted to Politico that this bit of information supplied in his book was false as Dr. Carson “in the end, did not seek admission.”

There’s no doubt that this bit of information will hurt Dr. Carson’s campaign as it casts aspersions on his other claims in his books.

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