Blackberry Priv Is Blackberry’s First Android Phone

Blackberry has struggled in the last four years to get customers excited about its new products. After holding sway as the market leader for years, a lack of innovative strategy as well as other smartphone makers jumping to the immensely popular Android OS has made Blackberry struggle.

Blackberry’s once coveted “BlackBerry Messenger” is now a free cross platform application competing with the more popular Whatsapp.

Having realised its precarious position, Blackberry has finally joined the Android Bandwagon, afterall, if you can’t beat them, you might as well join them.

The Blackberry Priv is the first Blackberry device to do away with the BB10 OS and come with the Android OS. It also provides an edge by coming with-wait for it- a keyboard which slides out from under the phone.

Some way over 5′ inches, the Blackberry Priv is a Phablet which will give you some nostalgia. Do you recall the last time you tapped away at a physical keyboard of a phone?

It remains to be seen if Blackberry’s latest offering will be enough to save a fledgling company and rescue it from the brink.

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