Revealed: Top Nigerian musician suffers from Life threatening illness

Though celebrities may seem invincible because of their large bank statements and access to pleasures the average person probably can’t even fathom, fans often forget that their favorite famous person is human. That’s right, human. Unfortunately, they fall sick too, sometimes with diseases that cause them serious problems like the case of popular music veteran, Alariwo of Africa.
Reports reaching #OSG says the Delta State born musician has been diagnosed with Vericocele disease.
Vericocele, we understand is an enlargement of veins inside the scrotum and the veteran needs about $130,000 for an operation in the United States of America or Germany. Those close to him revealed the musician has been going through hell with the illness and needs financial assistance to travel abroad for medical attention.
Insiders also said that Alariwo’s wife spent about a month at Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH) recently as she has been down with bl**d clot. 
Our prayers are with the family.

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