“Anything challenging motivates me a lot” – Chinenye Uyanna in an Exclusive Interview

Sensational actress, Chinenye Uyanna happens to be one of those silent and hardworking actresses in the Nollywood industry. Rarely do you see her in most celebrity events, or exposing gatherings, yet she is right behind working it out for herself. In this enthralling interview with Ugochukwu Favour-Mayor, she speaks on what motivates her, the kind of man she would like settling down with and other issues bothering the make-believe industry.

 Chinenye Uyanna (2)
Why did you choose acting?
This is one talent I love so much, and that is why I’m happy doing it. Acting will give you one enabling environment to express yourself; all it needs is just you being talented. You will have to travel, you will have to meet people and as well make choices for yourself. So, I love it.
Can you tell us how it all started?
For me, it all started at the very young age of 16. I was so little though, but then I knew what I wanted for myself. Even at that young age, I was doing stage drama too. To God be the glory, I’ve grown to appreciate the decision I took when I was little.
When you joined the Nollywood industry, were you sexually harassed?
No, I wasn’t sexually harassed.
How about the sex for role issue that is looming the industry of today?
I have heard so much about it, but I never experienced it.
Chinenye Uyanna (3)
What movie will you rate as being challenging to you?
I will give it to House6. It’s a television series I did. The role I played was challenging, and it ended up bringing out the best in me. I enjoyed it later though.
What motivates you?
Anything challenging motivates me a lot. As long as it’s full of doubts and challenge, you must surely see me coming out strong.
How do you manage your male fans?
What did you call them? Fans, right? They are just my fans, so I just relate with them as such, that’s all.
You’re currently doing a television series, how is it helping your acting career?
The television series I recently did actually helped me a lot, especially in terms of my acting skills. It is so different from the normal home movies we do. For what made it different, I don’t know if it’s because of the director (Paul Igwe), but it helped my acting career a lot.
What’s your most embarrassing moment like?
My most embarrassing moment was when I met a male fan that kept on asking for my number. When I later gave him, he called one day and said, “Baby I miss you.” And I replied, “Hello this is Chinenye.” He said, he knows and started asking me why I’m forming for him. I was so shocked and embarrassed because my call was on a speakerphone. You can imagine what it was for me, because I had people around me who all placed their ears to hear and observe what the caller would be asking for. Anyway, it’s one of those things.
What can’t you let go in your everyday life?
What I can’t let go? Going to the market and living my life as free as a bird, that’s all.

You have regrets?
I don’t have any regret, because we learn every day.
Chinenye Uyanna (1)
If you have an opportunity to change something, what would it be?
I don’t think I would want to change anything about my existence. I love who I am, and I thank God for creating me in his image. No exchange or swap of any kind.

What can attract you to a male?
(Laughs) I like people that are truthful, God-fearing and clean. If you are smart and endowed with what I have just mentioned, we are good to go. These are basically the qualities I’m looking out for in Mr. Right.
What are your career plans for the next two years?
My plans are just simple. I intend doing more than I have done; also I might go into production, because I would want to be producing my kind of movies. I am still thinking about it though, but when the time comes, I will unveil.

Do you have words of advice for the up and comings?
My advice for the up and coming is that they should work hard and don’t let anyone take advantage of them. They shouldn’t give up, and hopefully they will get there. There will be challenges while building up what they positively want to be, but those are the things that will define and redefine them. Also, let them be prayerful, because a prayerful one can be a powerful one too.

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