Yemi Alade Collection Set To Hold On November 5th

Following the official announcement of the Yemi Alade Collection, (a jewelry line stemming from a collaboration between and Singer, Yemi Alade), the YACXB2G movement is coming with a fresh tease as the sneak peek video reveals Yemi Alade rocking ONE of the fascinating pieces from the collection! We are in love with the brooch and all we can say at this point is HOHA!!! (in Yemi Alade’s voice of course!).

We can’t wait to view the whole collection!
 The Yemi Alade Collection Sneak Peek
The Yemi Alade Collection is set for unveiling on the 5th of November at the Civic Center Lagos. In association with the YAC cause is the Get Mented initiative which aims at connecting Nigerian women, both young and old to provide and receive mentorship from each other.
Watch the preview here;

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