#TBT – Back When Your Torch Made You The Coolest Kid In The Room

If you went to a proper Nigerian boarding house and don’t recognize this, we need to question something – you, your school, and every other person responsible for this atrocity!!!

This metallic Torchlight (they say its Flashlight but na Torch we dey call am) was the real deal back then. With your Tiger/Tudor batteries you could go days on end with it, just don’t leave the batteries in the torch when you’re not using it. Who can remebewr how white and wet they’d get.


Who remembers putting batteries in the sun or mixing a new one with and old one that won’t work… I do!!!

Then again Zaki Adzay, the man with like a billion Flashlights! To think he still collects them.


Then the rechargeable lamps came, the ones with the radio were the isshh. Shout out to MetroFM for keeping us company on those lazy afternoons.

rechargeable lamp lamp

Well now, some kids won’t even grow up to know that there are flashlights that used batteries. These new ones will phase out soon. That’s just the cycle of life. Share some of your Throwback moments and experiences especially those from secondary school.

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