Capital One Cup Records Massive Upset As Chelsea And Arsenal Crash Out

You might love reality television and its pretensions to not being scripted, but let’s face it, who are they kidding?

Football, on the other has more plot twists than a well directed blockbuster, offering unbelievable twists and turns that make the mind sometimes go numb.

My opening sermon is all the more compelling if you witnessed the manner in which Arsenal were unceremoniously dumped out of the competition by Sheffield Wednesday. Perhaps the biggest worries in their 3-0 loss were injuries to Oxlade Chamberlain and Theo Walcott.

So, the gunners have been unceremoniously brought back to earth by a Sheffield side that have look reinvigorated under their new coach. I’m glad to say I called it, you can read my Capital One Cup Preview here.

Jose Mourinho’s woes continued yesterday and I’m glad to say I’m taking bets as to when he’ll be sacked because at this rate, it’s not even an “if” anymore.

Remember when we used to ask if teams could do it on a cold wet night at the Britannia stadium? Apparently Chelsea couldn’t as the match dragged all the way to extra time before they lost 5-4 on penalties.

It was only poetic justice that Eden Hazard, the Chelsea want-away was the one who put the nail in their coffin with the miss. How about that for being the cup holders?

Perhaps more bizzare was Mourinho’s post match claims that his “What the players did tonight is face the people that write and say, ‘you are stupid’.”

Might Jose Mourinho be getting delusional as a result of all the battering his team is taking?

Elsewhere Leicester needed penalties to knock Hull City out of the competition while Manchester City and Manchester United play today in the hopes that they also manage to progress to the next round of the competition.

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