What Is The World’s Best Budget Smartphone?

In today’s world, it is seemingly impossible to keep up with technology. Scratch that, it’ll be a lot more honest
to admit that one requires a certain kind of paycheck to be able to keep it.

In the old days, buying a phone was fairly easy, one didn’t have a lot of choices. It was either the Samsung phone we termed the “blue light” because of its single color background or a hardy Nokia 3310.

As the years went by, the choices became just a bit more complex, phones with infrared and grainy cameras as well as phones with polyphonic ringtones.

Knowing Nigerians, the era of the smartphone coincided with some unspoken decision to make it a status symbol. This was where the proverbial “wahala” started.

Fast forward a couple of years later and broken screens later, I discovered a week ago that I’d need a new smartphone, seeing as what passes for my phone is really just a laughable device that doesn’t inspire any jaw to drop.

I thought making a choice would be really as easy as logging on to Jumia and Konga to make a choice. From the Octa core to the Quad core processors, it’s really just an impossible choice. Did I mention these phones cost a fortune?

So, here’s today’s question, what is the best value for money “budget smartphone”?

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