#ElloBae!!! The Perfect Celebrity Girlfriend for FalztheBahdGuy


Is there anyone reading this that doesn’t know who Falz is? I mean Ello!!! Lol!!!

Today is his birthday and messages are pouring out in tonnes wishing him a wonderful day….

Brief History on Falzthebahdguy

I first heard his song way back.. The lines that got me laughing really hard were err.. “my name is Keji, I have a twins, his name is Keji.. I’m talking to you, you’re chewing chin gum.. You don’t lizzen.. You no go like wetin go pop” Even then the beats and the lyrics got me in stitches everytime I heard the song come on the radio.

He was Born Femi Falana and is an actual lawyer… That’s why he says “you don’t know another rapper that’s been called to the bar”

Falz and parents

‘Falz was born in Lagos Nigeria on October 27th 1990 where he attended St Leos Catholic Primary School in Lagos Nigeria and later went to Olashore International Secondary School, Osun state Nigeria before obtaining and LLB degree from the University of Reading in the UK. He went to the Nigerian Law school and officially became a barrister in February 2012.

Falz took up Rap as a hobby towards the end of his secondary school education. Growing up listening to the likes of Nigerian legends Fela Anikulapo-Kuti, Trybesmen, Plantashun Boiz, he gradually unravelled his talent in music. He has hit singles like ‘Wazup Guy’ (2011), ‘High Class'(2013) and ‘Currency’ (2013) before officially releasing his debut studio album titled ‘Wazup Guy’ in May 2014.

Falz 3

His Instagram page could lift the spirits off any type of bad day… slangs like ‘Ello Bae’, ‘Do you have any 1 million you’re not using’, ‘I’m single to stupor’ and many others were made popular because of Falz… Thank you so much for making us laugh, please don’t stop!!!

I won’t show you a funny video of Falz, just a video of someone I think would make a very fine girlfriend for him – Zainab Balogun… Y’all should totally hook up!!! Thank me later…




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