Remembering Goldie – Top Six Things She Never Got To See

Goldie Harvey would have been 32 today, October 23, 2015  but there would be no lavish birthday party to celebrate this day, we would not see any of her quirky style…

goldie-sunmisola photography

We can only reminisce on the past and think on what could have been… with Prezzo, with Denrele, With your family…

Goldie Harvey never got to see…

Her 30th Birthday

Goldie died at 29 on February 14, 2013 and so never got to have a big 30th birthday celebration with friends, family, fans… even foes..


The Selfie Stick

Goldie will have killed this device… Giving us sexy selfies… I can only imagine what your Snapchat and Instagram would have been like.

pretty brunette making selfie with a stick


She and her besties would have trended on Snapchat.. With snaps from back-stage concerts, video shoots, parties… We would have been well entertained.

Buhari Becoming President

Who would have thought a sitting president would be unseated in Nigeria but oh well… stuff happens.

The Shoki

Imagine Goldie with one hand on the eye and doing the Shoki. Who know she might have come up with her own dance style

Denrele Falling Off The Stage In Port Harcourt



Golden girl, you would have given all these artistes a run for their money…



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