Becoming Beyonce – The Untold Story

In the unauthorized biography, Becoming Beyoncé, author  interviews numerous people within the international superstar’s inner circle.

Beyoncé herself seemed to stop giving face-to-face interviews around 2013, sharing very little with the media that she doesn’t control herself either on her Instagram or personal website.

becoming beyonce



When Beyoncé was 15 and dating a boy from church who was two years older, her worried mom pulled him aside and asked that he wait until the soon-to-be superstar was 18 before they had sex.

“I can’t make you not have sex,” Tina Knowles told Lyndall Locke.

Locke agreed to keep his hands off Beyoncé. And whether or not he kept his promise is one of the few unanswered questions in celebrity scourge J. Randy Taraborrelli’s new tell-all “Becoming Beyoncé: The Untold Story.”



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