Lamar Odom Reportedly Released From Las Vegas hospital

Lamar Odom is alive and kicking people!!! The former NBA star has been discharged from the Sunrise Hospital in Las Vegas and he is reported to be heading to Los Angeles, California to continue Medical treatment there.

Reality star and ex-wife Khloé Kardashian is reported to be accompanying on his Helicopter ride to L.A as he needs to be airlifted.

E! News reported that the former Laker’s health is improving day to day, but the 35-year-old celeb is going to need “a lot” of rehab in the coming months.

Lamar is “making fast progress” and can move his arms and legs, but he is not able to stand up, even with assistance. A CT scan came back clean, but there may be some cognitive issues ahead.

Though Lamar is still on dialysis due to kidney failure, he is showing signs of improvement. He passed a swallowing test, a promising sign of neurological function, and has communicated using hand signals. Additionally, he is no longer wearing an oxygen mask and is “doing great with his breathing.”

Odom’s move to Los Angeles will also help Khloé remain close throughout his rehabilitation. The E! star has not left his side since he was admitted on Tuesday, and a source told E! News, “She goes everywhere with him. If Lamar leaves the room for testing, she follows.”


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