November Highlights On Zee World – Saloni, Destiny, Laali, Snack Attack


Monday to Friday 18h00 | Zee World Channel 166

Saloni this November, Neil finds out the truth and he decides to confront Saloni. Nahar puts his life at risk for Devika and truth behind her intensions are made clear. Neil’s worst nightmare comes to pass. Saloni receives divorce papers. Saloni makes a vow to clear her name from all the false allegations. Neil makes Samar an offer he cannot refuse. Brijesh confronts Devika.  Bhabo and Saloni discover who baba is. Devika sabotages Neil’s plan. Bhabo tells everyone the truth about her husband’s death. Nahar discovers the truth about Neil. Kaveri convinces Ambika to let Saloni marry Neil.



Monday to Friday @ 19h00| Zee World Channel 166

Destiny is the story of a family that is caught in the age old dilemas of wanting a male heir to continue the family lineage. Suryakant has four daughters from his first wife but constantly desires a male child. Since his wife Savitri cannot bear more children he marries Menaka in the hope of having a son. Menaka has her own agenda and a secret that will tear the Garodia family apart.

The four daughters of the house now have to play second fiddle to their spoilt brother and fight for their rightful place in the Garodia home.                                  



Monday to Friday @ 20h00| Zee World Channel 166

This November on Laali, the doctor releases Laali. Jamuni instigates trouble amongst the women in the mansion. Suman uses Shekhar’s mental instability to her advantage. Loha sacrifices his family for status. To get Jamuni to play along to his business deal he arranges a kidnapping of his grandson. Jamuni risks her life and freedom. A conflict breaks out between Laali and Loha. He then throws her and Shaker out of the mansion. Loha tries to remove Laali from the family. Laali has to prove she can take care of her son.



The Promise

Monday to Friday 21h00 | Zee World Channel 166

The Promise this month. Piya has joined forces with Aparajit. Aparajit loses the o evidence proving Bani guilt. Rano realizes that Bani is not happy committing to Aparajit. The evidence that proves Bani guilty ends up in the capable hands of Rano. Finally she can use this to save her life. Aparajit realizes that Bani will never love him the way she loves Jai. Pia is involved in an accident that leaves her severely injured. Bani hands back all the Walia wealth. Piya retuns to the Walia mansion. Jigyasa comes to know the good news of Rashi’s pregnancy.

Khana Khazana

Monday to Friday @ 17h00| Zee World Channel 166

Khana Khazana, meaning  ”treasure of food” is a cooking show brought to you by award winning celebrity Chef Sanjeev Kapoor.

Chef Kapoor brings unique adaptations and fusion of traditional Indian recipes with healthy low fat options for international viewers.

The show will give viewers several ideas on how to whip up a variety of their favourite Indian dishes at home.


Kiddies Treats

Mon, Wed and Fri @ 17h30 | Zee World Channel 166

Kiddies Treats is a show designed for young mothers who are faced with the challenge with feeding their children interesting food that is both healthy and interesting.

Chef and mother, Gurdeep Punj will lead you through simple recipes that are wholesome and easy to make at home.

Besides everyday snacks and lunch-box meals, Gurdip will demonstrate how to make party food, desserts, juices, and much more.


Snack Attack

Tuesday & Thursday @ 17h30| Zee World Channel 166

A snack is a special treat that can fill the space between two meals. This is the idea behind the cooking show, Snack Attack.

Chef Ranveer Brar brings you innovative snack recipes using everyday ingredients and giving it a snack attack twist!

The show is extremely exciting with an immense variety and explosion of snack flavors from sweet, sour, salty to spicy.



Saturday @ 21h00| Zee World Channel 166

“Fear Files” brings to life the real stories of people who have lived through paranormal experiences that defy explanation. The series uncovers the truth behind some of the most compelling and mystifying occurrences that have taken place around India.

The show is a re-enactment of real incidents in an attempt to dispel the hoaxes from the real and possibly unexplainable. Paranormal experts are introduced who are incredibly gifted in their fields of expertise and their methods and findings are revealed as a compelling conclusion of each episode.

This investigative and matter of fact approach sets the show apart from all other shows.


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