Dare Art Alade shares Life story with Fans, Check out His Instagram Page

Darey Art Alade has been rather busy on social media of late. The R&B superstar over the past few days has shared several nostalgic throwback posts detailing his life and his musical career.

Chronicling the story of his life to date, he started with a visit to the Island Maternity Hospital where he was born, then followed that up with trips to his old family homes in Mende village and Palmgrove Estate, Lagos. Using the hashtag #DareyNaked, he opened up his life to followers on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook with pictures of his beautiful wife Deola and their two children Femi and Atinuke.

Reminiscing about his late father’s popular hangout ‘Art’s Place’, he revealed to his followers that in its heyday, the venue was frequented by popular showbiz personalities like Fela Anikulapo Kuti, Oliver Jones and Zeal Onyia and Orlando Julius. He also shared two cute photos with current students of his Alma Mater CMS Grammar School and the UNILAG Faculty of Arts where he graduated from with a BA in music under the tutelage of his lecturer Dr. Mereni.

While it remains unclear why Darey has decided to let his social media followers into his most precious memories, it certainly is a fantastic glimpse into the mind of one of Nigeria’s most remarkable modern entertainers.

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I have evolved over the years, and one side of me that most people don’t know is the fact that I am an Entrepreneur. Besides the music business, I am co-founder of Livespot Group, a multi media company that is responsible for several successful event productions across Nigeria. My entrepreneurial journey has been one of calculated risks, resilience, and most importantly vision. I have learned to lead, but also listen. I have acquired both business and technical skills that allow me to professionally manage my company. With the cooperation of my amazing team, I have been able to build a sustainable business that is positioned as a key player across the industries in which we work. I am thankful for the immense grace that my business has received over the years and I look forward to continued progress and growth. #Livespot #LoveMyWork #DreamKiller #Naked #DareyNaked

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Today is #WCW but for those of us who don’t have a woman crush today, we’ll do #WBW (Way Back When)… That’s Chordwebs up top (a foremost Nigerian acapella group I was a member of with me on the extreme right and Benneth Ogbeiwi, Kenny Iwatuje, Nnamdi Amadi and David Bebiem) on an edition of Ali Baba’s #TomDickandAli. Now the #WBW story I want to share today is of the Chordwebs, @2Faceidibia1 and @soundsultan when we had a show at the #UniversityOfJos in 2001 or so. We travelled by road and had the most amazing time. 2face cracked us up most of the time with his signature whistling and jokes (bet you didn’t know he’s also a standup comedian), we ate all sorts in the way and @soundsultan was such a fool too! Who remembers his “I been get date with Kate for golden gate, I go pick her for her papa house around 8, dem say make I wait, near their gate…” Joke? He used to do standup comedy and music wasn’t his thing so prominently as it is now. And as for @alibabagcfr what is there to say about him and how he’s supported everyone in the entertainment world that hasn’t been said already? A true big brother in the game. Their fada! These are my brothers for real…down to earth, true, humble and always supportive. #WayBackWhen #WBW #ShareYours #Naked #DareyNaked Chordwebs picture credit @alibabagcfr

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A man once told me that we never truly change; we simply grow into the person we’ve always been. When I think about it now, I see his point, though I’m tempted to disagree in part. This photo was taken when I was around 10. At a time I was more interested in airplanes than music. The music was always there but whenever I dared to stare at the future, the picture I saw was of me as an aviation expert. Haha try picturing me at the local or international airport; hat in one hand, briefcase in the other, flanked on both sides by my female crew ???? ???? but it wasn’t just about the swag, the appeal for me was always the machine; that beautiful sleek arial beast made of steel and dreams! I dreamed of flying it, fixing it, building it… ah sweet memories ????. Do you have still have any photos of yourself from when you were about the same age? Please share and tag me. Tell me the person you wanted to be in that photo and if it’s the same person you are today. Do people change or do we simply grow into the person we’ve always been? What are your thoughts? #ChildhoodDreams #GrowingUpInNaija ????????

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“Art’s Place” was “THE PLACE” to be in its hey day. My late father Art Alade ran his club in the basement, had an Art gallery and also a restaurant. We lived on the topmost floor secluded from all the public spaces and we enjoyed every moment there! This world famous place had several visitors from everywhere. From His close friend and contemporary Fela Kuti to Oliver Jones, Zeal Onyia to Orlando Julius. The list was endless. Many people found their life partners here by chance after coming out to have a good time and be entertained by the great man that I call my dad. Our neighbors then are still close friends of our family till date. Memories of playing soccer and running around the neighborhood are etched solid! #Nostalgia #Naked #DareyNaked #Part1of3

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Selfie with the boys #AlmaMater #Nostalgia #Naked #DareyNaked #CMSGrammarSchool

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