We are delighted to introduce to the ‘Damaris Solaris’ Brief case from Dolapo Otunla; the designer of OYSBY shoes and bags. It is a rare production as it has a solar panel  that enables users to charge more than two mobile devices on the go.

Dolapo Otunla’s statement in the fashion industry might seem conclusive with the three heeled and Aluminum heeled OYSBY Shoes; but, one must not underestimate the power of a fashionable, yet geeky, female Engineer who has taken a bold step into the future of the fashion world by designing the Damaris Solaris.

Damaris Solaris

A perfect fusion of Technology and Fashion; the Damaris Solaris bags offers the user a room to look professional and be in tune with fashion trend.

The bag is built using only high quality materials and is properly handcrafted using fine stitching and a solid construction which enables the bag to endure high levels of daily use while maintaining its good looks. The clipping mechanism which is made from a solid and durable metal enables the bag to withstand constant opening and closing.

Damaris Solaris

Every Solaris bag comes with a built in charger unit, which can be fully charged beforehand via a mains-socket in under 3hrs; hence, providing a full charge for up to two handheld devices. The charger unit can also be topped up by the integrated 13x12cm Solar Panel which can charge up to 2 phones (and a tablet) at once that allows the user to get the most out of their devices.


Inspired by the need to combine her skills as an Engineer with her flair for fashion, Dolapo designed the leather solar bags to provide added functionality in bags, initiating a lifestyle concept in which people make purchase decisions based on both style and function.

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