Discovery 14: Letter to my Future Self by Glory Edozien

I love to reflect. It is possibly one of my greatest strengths and also a weakness. As much as I think about the past, I am usually more reflective about my future and the kind of life I want to live. Which means I am constantly evaluating if the decisions I am making today will eventually get me to where I want to be.

Sometimes, I wish time traveling was a possibility. I’d take a quick 5 minute peek into my future, just to see what it looked like. Do I finally loose weight, get that job or win a Nobel Prize for empowering women…(a girl can dream abi). But since that isn’t an available option, I did what I think is the next best thing. I’ve sent my future self a message.

Doing this video was cathartic. Articulating what you really want out of life is frightening and freeing at the same time. Even watching it again now, I feel a strange sense of urgency and rawness but maybe that’s because some of the things i said in this video actually surprised me.

Anyway, enough about me! What message would you leave your future self? Please share in the comments section or email me on

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