In Defence Of Our “Missing” Girl

In recent times, Twitter has become more than just “that social network”. It has taken on dimensions the founders probably never envisaged.

It has become a dating site, encouraging the #ShootYourShot culture as well as what has now become affectionately known as “started from the dm, now we’re here”.

Away from these, Twitter has become something of a platform for activism and even crime fighting.

It has become commonplace to see tweets asking us to help locate missing persons, missing phones and now, and even a person who you encountered in public but had no liver to talk to.

About a week ago (insert the Bobby Schmurda dance here), a tweet made the round announcing the disappearance of one Jessica Edionwele and we were encouraged to retweet to find her (I don’t know how this works).

Law abiding citizens that we are, we swung into action, employing our considerable Twitter fame to retweet and even manually retweet.

Three days into the search and with little preamble, someone announced she had been found.

Was I upset? Of course! Having involved me in the process, didn’t I deserve to know how the Nigeria police rescued her from the jungle just like Chief Olu Falae?

In any case, the Lord asked that the sun not go down on our anger, so like good Christians, we thanked God for he life and moved on.

Some skeptics were not satisfied and kept hounding, sniffing around for a story.

And like a badly written story *side eye at 50 shades of Grey*, the other shoe dropped.

This day newspaper reported that the missing girl had in fact been found with her loved with whom she had staged an abduction.

The end game was to extort her father of Ransom of course.

I know your natural instinct is to scream and castigated her but shall we be patient? We can of course not fault her entrepreneurial drive, no matter how crude it might have been.

It was a step in the right direction, what is the small matter of how worried her parents would have been?

As her reported lover is in police custody, he’ll be sure to have some free time to ruminate on their relationship. Haven’t you always wanted that? Time away from a lover that probably talks too much?

Let us take into consideration the victim’s emotional trauma, after all her assiduous efforts, she could not obtain Ransom from her father.

Perhaps she was only testing her father’s love for her. Can somebody not play with you people again?

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