Five Things You Need To Know About Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Is the new Note5 by Samsung the best Note ever made?





The official launch for Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Duos took place at Nike Art Gallery on October 7th, 2015. The Galaxy Note 5 is available in Single and dual SIM versions and you get to choose between the 32GB or 64GB option. It also comes in a range of colors, including Sapphire Black, White Pearl, Titanium Silver and Gold Platinum and so you can choose any colour that suits your personal style.

Below are the features of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Duos;

  1. Note 5 flaunts a 5.7-inch screen with QHD Super AMOLED display, which allows for clearer videos and images. The larger screen size is also great for productivity, as emails can be penned quickly, editing and cropping photos and videos are much easier, and reading an ebook is possible without having to bump up the font size.
  2. S-Pen – the stylus has been upgraded with a clicky top and a nib that looks more like a ballpoint pen. The little wave of shortcut buttons, which appear on the screen when the stylus is popped out, can easily be customized and the device will send an alert whenever the stylus is not in its holster.
  3. The Note 5 has 4GB RAM and an OCTA-Core Processor! With the extra memory space, apps are loaded in the fastest memory available without unnecessary hiccups or slowing down of the device. The extra RAM also means having 15+ apps open in the background does not impact the performance of the Note, and this is certainly a welcome improvement.
  4. The Live Broadacast allows you to share or broadcast a video in real time over YouTube. You can easily share special occasions as they happen with up to 20 family and friends in real time. Multiple short videos can be combined  with The Video Collage and made into one single video, giving each video a different look and feel. One can be in slow motion while another black and white in a single video giving you an exhilarating collage of videos that can be uploaded to different social media platforms.
  5. Now you can capture multiple scrolls of an entire webpage with the Scroll Capture Feature. The screenshot taken is saved as an extra-long image file in the Gallery app, which can then be pinched and zoomed for more details. There is a special option in Screen Write that lets you capture an entire page; so piecing together multiple screenshots for web pages or text conversations is a thing of the past.

Now you can see why it’s the Best Note Yet!!!


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