The very sexy and sensational singer SEFIYA IBRAHIM popularly known as Sefiya da-diva is certainly not a new face in the nigerian music industry. Being an artiste according to her is the best thing that ever happened to her and clearly she’s doing her thing with no chill. In this exclusive interview we would be exploring with questions, the juicy details about how it feels to walk and talk in this diva’s fairtale in glass heels. Enjoy

What inspires you?

Everything and everyone around me inspires me




What inspires your music?

My environment and being able to sponge off people helps me to create life through my music.


Who is Sefiya Ibrahim?

I’m just a girl…lol. And a singer, actress and model. In general I’m a brand.


Where are you from?

I’m from Bende LGA in Abia state


What would make you feel complete?

As an igbo girl the thought of money close by would be heading in the right direction of feeling complete but to be absolutely honest having God in my life, makes me feel most complete.




What is your ideal man?

My ideal man should be smart, have a sense of humour, business oriented, understand me in totality and of cause God fearing.


If you weren’t an artiste, what would you be?

If I wasn’t an artist I’d get involved with any form of business that generates constant returns and yes, it would be legitimate business certainly…lol.


Your proudest moment? 

None yet


Your most disappointing moment?

Honestly, I have had loads of disappointing moments which is reason I can’t think of one in particular to share. Tragic isn’t it?


Why music?

I didn’t know it would be music at the time, although I did know it was one thing I would like to try out and now i feel sincerely fulfilled to be musically inclined.


Are you dating currently?

Not at all


What is the most challenging aspect of being in the public eye?

The fact that everyone is concerned about your every activity, either private/personal or public is very uncomforting, knowing that a lot of the news is altered and most cases turn out to be lies.


Who inspires you musically? 

I was inspired by my brother, who initially began to motivate my interests for the arts. Then i got to listen and witness the princess of pop music, Rihanna. She remains a huge form of inspiration for my music.


Your fashion Icon?

Need i say more…Rihanna! Lol


What is your favorite activity?

I love dancing, watching movies, playing football, hanging out with lively people, listening to various genres of music and singing along as well.


Who is/are your competition in the music industry?

The only competition I have is myself.


What is the most challenging aspect of being in the public eye? 

No privacy which causes consciousness at all times. It’s energy zapping.


Favorite piece of clothing in your wardrobe? 

Due to the fact that it’s heard to find my sizes for a lot of things, I wasn’t so big on dresses, blouses and skirts. I was more into tank tops and comfortable jeans. Lately though there has been more opportunity regards shopping for interesting clothes but I have to always travel abroad for that which makes denim jeans an important piece of clothing.


What is your life motto? 

With God all things are possible.


Who is Sefiya, the artiste?

A free spirited girl ready to explore and willing to share fun experiences with my friends, family and trusted fans.


Who do you look up to?

I look up to God always


How did your music career begin?

My music career began when I joined my first girl group.


What was growing up like?

I spent most of my time with family so I  didn’t really have much friends because I was constantly changing towns and schools. Trust me, it was a bit boring.


Would you rather be rich or famous, and why?

I rather be rich. If I’m rich, I would also be famous


How would you like to be remembered?

I will like to be eternally remembered as a fashion and style oriented personality that’s daring and ready to make changes.


At what moment did you know it has to be music? 

It was official the moment I released my first single “love me jeje”


What is the one thing people don’t know about you?

I know how to cook! Some people consider me as lazy and a material girl but I cook really good.


What do you like most about your profession? 

For a start, it brings in money and loads of attention but nothing beats the major perk which is being able to travel around the world and experiencing diverse cultures and their people.


What do you dislike most about your profession?

Everybody tends to be up in your business.


If you could go back in time, what would you do differently?

A lot. First I wouldn’t have released the first two singles I dropped… Lol


What is the side of you that the public never sees?

People usually have the perception that I’m mean and that’s not true. They confuse my business side with my actual personality because I tend to be formal dealing outside my comfort zone but I feel it’s the best way to transact and maintain mutual respect.


Do you ever feel that there two different Sefiyas? And why?

Yes, I feel there are two different sefiya’s. I react according to my environments.


What is your formula for success?

Work hard ,pray hard and play harder


What was your favorite medley as a child?

Que sera (what would be, will be)

Do you believe in the traditional roles for men and women?

It’s the 21st century joor, everyone should do what the feel by keeping it real and do what makes them happy.

If you were a man, how differently do you think your career would have gone? And why?

I feel guys are usually favoured in many aspects. It’s difficult to transact business as a woman because the hidden intentions dealing with men is scary and discouraging.


What’s the most hurtful rumor you’ve ever heard about yourself?

I heard someone gives me $50,000 every time I release a song. I was hurt because I wanted it to be so true…lol


Some people think that Sefiya has it all, what don’t you have?

Money and a mansion… Lol


What is the first song you ever remember hearing? 

Dolly Parton coat of many colors I guess


What is your favorite album by another artist?

Boysllmen Classics, Pink Friday by Nicki Minaj and Rated R by Rihanna


What’s next for you? I’m currently promoting my new video Nwayo Nwayo remix ft Iyanya in preparation for my debut album. I’m also working on some collaboration with some A-list artist in the industry so its cool to say ‘expect something heated from me soon’.

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