Telemundo – This Week On Husband For Hire

On this weeks’s episode, Patricia finds out she is pregnant with Antonio’s baby and she is worried about what she is going to do with it.

Esther and Juan Pablo are having issues in their home regarding Esther’s plan for have a baby. Esther evicts Juan Pablo from their house and he is left with the only option to stay with Teresa Cristina.

Reinaldo plans to tell Teresa Cristina about Patricia’s baby but Patricia is not ready to speak with her mum. Ro tells her that he had to sedate Teresa when he heard that Patricia is pregnant with Anthonio’s baby because he knows the news will drive her crazy.

Griselda asks Patricia to move in with her to the new mansion. Rienaldo threatens to leave Theresa Cristina because of how she is acting. as we all know, Paloma had a prediction Griselda and Reinaldo will be together but it will be a tough one. So what happens to Anthonio and Patricia’s relationship.


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