No Further Extension To BVN Deadline – CBN

The Central Bank of Nigeria has warned depositors all over the country that there will be no extension of the deadline given for the acquisition of the Bank Verification Number (BVN).

The deadline for the registration of the BVN number is October 31st 2015 and the Central Bank’s warning serves as a reminder that it will not extend the deadline like it did a few months ago.

A mad last minute rush in June as millions of customers remained unregistered prompted an extension, however, most people have refused to take advantage of the extension to register.

“The emerging scenario therefore, strongly suggests that many bank account holders have continued to show apathy instead of taking advantage of the extension period.

According to a CBN statement “Given this development, there is the apprehension that the commotion and melee experienced at various banking halls in the month of June 2015 would be repeated if customers do not use the remaining one month to ensure that they complete their BVN registration, and also get their various accounts linked to the BVN.

“The CBN has made it clear that there would not be further extension after October 31, 2015 deadline. This means that customer without the BVN-linked accounts may risk being restricted from normal operations of their accounts or free access to their bank account balances,” it added.

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