CNN International Renews Its Commitment to Africa

Recent research has reaffirmed CNN’s leading position amongst all other international news brands in Africa. It was found that 59% of Africa’s upscale population tune into CNN every month via TV and Digital platforms and 10% of Africa’s affluents using CNN on mobile. This puts CNN directly ahead of competitors on every Cross platform’s metric.

CNN is renewing its commitment to investing in African feature shows and thus has revamped two of its African shows with new looks and refreshed editorials – CNN Marketplace Africa which showcases Africa and her place in the global market and African Voices which throws the spotlight on the continent’s most dazzling trendsetters who go as far as creating their own subcultures in the spheres of entertainment, technology and architecture. New presenters were brought on – British- Nigerian Zain Asher on CNN Marketplace and Lagos-Based Keturah King on African voices.

Other programmes dedicated to African stories include African Start-Up which follows up on African entrepreneurs and also Inside Africa hosted by Kenyan Soni Methu is a cornerstone of the network’s African coverage and African View, that uses engaging data to show Africa’s diversity, dynamism and her role on a global level. The CNN Multichoice African Journalist Awards, now in its 20th Year, showcases the best in African Journalism and has helped give immense recognition to the breadth of talent on the continent. The awards show CNN’s support to Africa’s journalstic enterprise and its commitment to the African story.

More details can be found on www.africa.cnnjournalistaward.com.


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