Nigerian Delegates Absent At U.N Event On Boko Haram

Despite the fact that the President of Nigeria arrived at the United Nations 70th session of the General Assembly with a 22 man strong delegate, Nigeria had no representative at a special meeting held to appeal for help from other nations to battle the scourge.

Niger, Cameroon and Chad were present at the event to raise awareness and help for the millions of people forced to flee the Lake Chad Basin region.

Despite Nigeria heading the multi regional task force to attempt to put an end to the activities of the militancy group, it is still unclear as to why Nigeria did not send a representative to the event. European diplomats expressed their disappointment as the Nigerian U.N mission remained silent.

Niger Prime Minister Brigi Rafini said at the event, “We need massive assistance from the international community, It is the population that has shared with these refugees and displaced people the little they have while they themselves are living in extremely vulnerable situations.”

The event, chaired by O’Brien appealed on behalf of the U.N to the Nations present to help the displaced people in Niger, Chad and Nigeria.

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