‘Empire’ Is Back And Chris Rock Plays A Part

The second season of Empire premiered two days ago and the die hard fans all over the world can’t shut up already.
My Twitter timeline is already abuzz with arguments either side of the divide as to whether the show is great or whether it’s just a load of crap. Suffice to say, our love hate relationship with the musical series continues as we try to keep up with the Lyons.cookie lyon

Here are 5 shocking things I found…shocking

1. Chris Rock Is An Unconvincing Bad Guy

So, in season two, we discover that “Frank” who gave everyone the creeps in season one and is supposed to be the meanest drug Lord in the business is finally revealed and is played by none other than Chris Rock.

No offense, but having seen Chris Rock as a funny guy, seeing him play the bad guy didn’t really come off for me, even with just a handful of lines, Chris Rock isn’t just cut out to be a villain

2. Jamal Is Still Gay as ever

New head of Empire corporation, Jamal, is not getting on the straight and narrow path anytime soon. Although his voice makes him bearable, all these kissing scenes aren’t endearing him to anyone.

3. A hostile Takeover Might Require A Tumble In The Hay

Cookie Lyon finds out in season two that sometimes ambition and business sense aren’t enough. The money she requires for a takeover is in the hands of a lesbian billionaire. Nope, “Empire” won’t stop hitting us over the head with LGBT vibes.

4. Lucious Is Smarter Than Everyone Else

Love him or hate it, Lucious Lyon keeps establishing himself as the smartest character on Empire, outsmarting a feared drug Lord in the episode premier. Way to go Lucious!

5. And then there was this epic diss of Cookie’s last season Gucci
empire 1

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