Michael Kafando Back To Power In Burkina Faso

A coup in Burkina Faso last week Wednesday worsened political uncertainty in an already fragile nation.

Long term President Blaise Compoare was ousted after 27 years In power and was forced to go on exile.

A civilian transitional government was set up and led by President Michael Kafando and his government had slated elections for October.

A coup d’etat last week temporarily halted any such plans as members of the Presidential Guard arrested and detained Michael Kafando as well lol as Isaac Zida.

The coup plotters chose General Gilbert Diendere as head of state. General Diendere is an ally of Blaise Compoare.

However the involvement of the International community and a UN ultimatum forced the hand of the country plotters.

ECOWAS leaders met in Abuja yesterday to discuss the reinstatement of the Kafando administration.

After a series of negotiations, the members of Presidential guard released Kafando and he confirmed in a speech to journalists today that he is “back in power”.

The Presidential guard agreed a deal with the Burkinabe Army.

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