Two Minute Maggi Noodles are hazardous – NAFDAC

Maggi Instant Noodles On Sale As Nestle India Ltd.

Although these noodles have been under scrutiny in the country where they were produced, the public needs to be on the lookout as some unscrupulous individuals might find a way to bring it into Nigeria from India where most of our questionable drugs and foods come from.

The National Agency for Food and Drug Adminisration and Control, NAFDAC, has warned the Nigerian public, especially noodle lovers, to beware of these Maggi noodles produced by Nestlé India. They are reported to contain excess lead and so are unsafe for human consumption.

These noodles were been recalled from stores across India since June 2015 following a report by the Indian Food Safety Regulators of probable lead contamination which could cause 143,000 deaths.

Store keepers, wholesalers and retailers in Nigeria should employ proactive measures so as to stop the consumption of this hazardous product.

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