Burkina Faso’s Army Moves To End Military Junta

A military coup carried out in Burkina Faso last week Wednesday led to the arrest of the interim President, Michael Kafando as well as the Prime Minister, Isaac Zida.

The elite Presidential Guard, a section of which is still loyal to former President, Blaise Compoare carried out the coup and installed General Gilbert Diendere, Compoare’s former Chief of Staff as the Head of State.

The international community has roundly condemned the coup plotters, with the African Union suspending Burkina Faso from its ranks this week. The United Nations Secretary General, Ban Ki Moon, also gave an ultimatum for the coup plotters to release the Prime Minister Isaac Zida.

Burkina Faso can hardly afford sanctions from the international community given its position as one of Africa’s poorest countries.

The Burkina Faso Army has announced this morning an ultimatum for the leaders of the military junta to lay down power or face attack. The ultimatum comes just after the release of Isaac Zida and even as General Diendere has pledged to hand over power to a civilian transitional government.

The army as well as the Presidential guard have resumed negotiations in Ouagadougou, the capital city this morning. Colonel Serge Alain Ouedraogo, deputy head of the Burkinabe police, told the AFP news agency that “We must now secure the surrender of the [coup plotters] without gunfire or bloodshed

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