MsYouTV Is Back Again With Another Season

MsYouTV is a pop culture website updating our audience with celebrity interviews, live performances, music and music videos. The site is targeted at urban African youth with content that gives them a glimpse into the unique talents of Africa’s hit-makers in the music and entertainment scene.

For those who do not know about #MsYOUTHWeek, It is a tweeterview event – in simpler term, a Q&A Forum which is set to cater for the youths specialized in different areas in Africa ( Youths trying to offer their services one way or the other ).
The main aim of the programme is to recognize the youths trying to make a difference by doing one thing or the other and to bring to light those ones who have been trying to but have not just gotten it yet.
The First Episode is scheduled to kick off on the 15th of september 2015 with Koker of Chocolate City Music and the season is to come to and end on the 22nd of September, 2015.
First of all, Follow @MsYouTV on instagram and @MsYouTV on twitter
(Mention @MsYouTV and guest on twitter with the hashtag #MsYOUTHWeek and Hashtag for guest)
– The scope is to have an interactive session with our guests on twitter meaning that we (@MsYouTv) would ask our guests questions, (lets say in an informal interview way) and other interested parties on twitter would also be opportuned to ask them questions with a specific hashtag of course.
Your heavy participation and support is needed when it comes to asking questions using the hashtags #MsYouthWeek and #Ask with the first name of our guest #Ask(Guest Name)
Follow us on twitter @MsYouTV and instagram, @MsYouTV for more information

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