Nigerian Designer Yinka Arolambo of Moofa Launches New Show Room

After seven years of hardwork and dedication, Yinka Arolambo of Moofa design house is happy to announce the launch of her ultra-modern showroom and design space. The unprecedented showroom which is situated in the Dolphin neighbourhood on Lagos Island has been artfully designed with the end user’s comfort in mind. The overly large 5 room duplex has a comfortable and cosy ambience; with a considerable amount of parking space for the customers. The new Moofa design studio can easily be likened to a home away from home; a design pace that gives both the designer and consumer room to soar in a peaceful realm of creativity.


Talking about the new move, the Creative designer Yinka Arolambo says “these are pretty exciting times for us at Moofa as we are learning new and better ways of satisfying and engaging with our growing clientele. We recently moved to a new and bigger space, redesigned the Moofa logo/identity and reworked our website as well. Since the move, there’s been a ripple effect of newness all around the brand. There’s also a renewed energy and interest in the job. We are paying more and better attention to details and also ensuring to maintain our focus on quality and great customer service. The design school is also growing in leaps and bounds which is also pretty amazing. I would also love people to pay visits to our new showroom on 179a Isale Eko Street- Dolphin Estate and I’m pretty sure they will be impressed. It’s been seven trying years and a long time coming too” she concludes.

The Moofa showroom is officially now open for business.


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