Lagos based tech shop, DSA, just went live with the beta version of its flagship fintech product, OsusuMobile which is targeted at helping theunbanked and underbanked save money in a better way. How? With OsusuMobile savers can easily make deposits in a convenient manner using only an SMS-enabled mobile phone. This means all you need to open an OsusuMobile account is a phone number after which you can start saving with an agent near you.

While the focus right now is agent recruitment, savers are also welcome to sign up. OsusuMobile Agents are a critical part of the solution offered and thus attractive commissions which are earned by agent every time a saver makes a deposit and a simple process to conduct transactions have been put in place. More information can be found here.

It is very much early days but the team behind OsusuMobile are very optimistic and possess strong conviction as reflected in their philosophy that with a growing and neglected underbanked and unbanked population who fall on the wrong side financial inclusion, the urgent need to disrupt banking and access to financial services emerges and that is exactly the need they plan to meet.

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