Jarcanda Casino Set To Launch In Lagos

Every once in a while, special events happen here and there in Lagos.

Very rarely, the exclusive, special and landmark events occur, the Launch
of Jacaranda Casino is one of these.

Jarcanda Casino opens in Lagos at the Sheraton Hotel in Ikeja on the 18th
of September, 2015. Internationally, Jarcanda is arguably the king of
gaming and  here, everyone is a winner when you come to Jarcanda casino.

At the opening, our guests who all happen to be VVIP will get free chips
to play for the night and the winnings from that game is theirs for keeps.

Guests who attend with an accredited friend or friends will get 50% of
their losses for the night.

Jarcanda has been in Nigeria for a few years with spots in Oweri, Port Harcourt  and  Abuja.

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