Coup In Burkina Faso Sweeps Diendere To Power

A year after the ouster of one of Africa’s sit tight leaders, Blaise Compoare, there’s little reason for optimism for Burkinabes.

Yesterday, the presidential guard staged a coup in one of Africa’s poorest nations, pushing aside the transitional government.

The soldiers allegedly opened fire on protesters and imposed a curfew. The coup plotters have detained interim President Michel Kafando and Prime Minister Isaac Zima.

Elections were scheduled for October 11 and was already stirring up tension as some Compaore’s old allies were prevented from contesting.

The army has handed over to General Gilbert Diendere, who once served as chief of staff to Compaore.

Francois Hollande has condemned yesterday’s coup and urged the army to release the interim President as well as the Prime minister.

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