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Niger state benefits from its proximity to Nigeria’s capital city. Niger state is a perfect corridor to survive the peak expenses of Nigeria’s capital city. This readily makes Niger state a choice destination for tourists, business executives and foreigners.

Niger state holds the record for Nigeria’s largest state in terms of landmass-76,363 km2- Niger and was created on 3rd February, 1976. It has 25 local government areas with a population of 3,950,249 according to figures from the National Population Census conducted in 2006. Kainji and Shiroro dams, The key hydro-power stations which are strategic to Nigeria’s existence as a nation are situated there.

Tourist attractions are numerous around Niger and Jovago.com beams its searchlight on this state which derived its nomenclature from the popular River Niger.


Gurara Waterfalls

The splendour of this waterfall is inundating. It spoils visitors with an atmosphere of bliss and calm. The ambiance is animate and beckons from all sides to visitors to check ‘him’ out.
Located in Gurara local government, the waterfall has a width of 300 metres and cascades from a height of 50 metres. The rush of the waterfall is between April and November while it recedes between January and March. It was discovered in 1745.


Kainji National Park
The Kainji national park is a fabulously terrific hub for sightseeing. It is an A list choice for tourists to visit. It was established in 1979. It sits in an area of about 5,400 Sq. metres. It is home to various animal species like Baboon, Roan antelopes, Hippopotamus, Hartebeest and Monkeys. It is located in Kainji in Borgu LGA.
kainji Lake National park

Zuma Rock
Made popular by its appearance on Nigeria’s 100 naira note, Zuma rock is 2,379 ft. high. It is a must visit. It is a must visit.



Since Niger state is the next door neighbour of Abuja, it is fully taking advantage of it. The room or suite you sleep depends on what you are looking for. You can get affordable and expensive. It is a perfect mix of both. These hotels are located in Minna-the state capital, Bida, Suleja and Kontagora. The hotels are Haske Luxury hotel, Bab-Hab Guest Inn, Doko International hotel, Yanna Hotel, and Nasfah hotel.



Many shoppers prefer to purchase what they want in Abuja while they lodge in Niger state. Despite this, there are pockets of stores and malls that are on ground for patronage. Among them are Evidence stores, Ugotex Enterprises, Yokas ventures, Shop ‘n’ pick supermarket, Wima gift shop and Bystores.


In Minna and other major cities in Niger, there are good restaurants where tourists can enjoy a locally made meal. However, as with shopping, the proximity of Abuja to Niger keeps visitors focused on restaurants in the capital city. Notwithstanding, there are joints and bukkas where you can explore on a trip here. Some of them include Solo restaurant, People’s restaurant, D’Kiishin and Do Good restaurant.
Niger state is the ‘boy’s quarter’ of Abuja. Residents who cannot afford Abuja’s high accommodation fees seek solace in Niger state where land is inexpensive and food, cheap.

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