Yemi Alade Escapes Death In London


MTV MAMA award singer narrated her experience on Instagram on Friday morning.

3 things I grabbed when the fire alarm went off.

I thought it was a prank but I was frigging scared!!I knew better than to start parking up my clothes!

I thought I wS dreaming!!!!but I knew I had to leave immediately. .

I def picked up my Phone,my bible and my iconic invanity performance outfit!!!! Thinking about it nw…..I picked the things I loved. .. 1.phone:to sha call if I needed to
2.my bible:cos I was so scared
3.my iconicinvanity bcos I wasn’t goin to loose THE MOST ARTISTIC AND EXPENSIVE PICECES I HV EVER ACQUIRED
Or perform at WEMBLEY tonight in anything less luxurious ???????????????????????????? We are fine now sha!!!!!!

We are glad things are back to normal.

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