Belle of African Nations (BOAN) aims to identify with the unforgettable legacies of these past heroines, publicising their lives and times; struggles and troubles to the world through entertainment, in such a way that beauty and brains are modelled to birth the heroines of our time.

We live in societies (Africa) where the feminine gender struggles to gain that global recognition and equality that would reposition and place them at the apex alongside their male counterparts.

BOAN is a pedestal that would encourage and motivate girls and ladies alike to look beyond their beauty, unlock their genius through pageantry, thus enabling them to harness their potentials.

If the aforementioned heroines could fight against all odds to make their marks in a world dominated by men – with limited accessibility to education – then females of this generation, empowered with numerous advantages such as the social media, technology and other innovative discoveries can replicate and even surpass their golden feats.

BOAN therefore identifies with African historical heroines, upholds their legacies, showcases their symbols of authorities and celebrates their heroic bequeaths. By aligning the present with the past, we hope to produce a beauty queen that epitomizes beauty, brains, passion, honour and heroism like no other; a queen  that is brave enough to echo and re-echo the various unheard voices of the African women waiting to be liberated.





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BOAN… the making of a black queen


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