Afrima To Showcase African Music At 2015 Notting Hill Carnival

The London Notting Hill Carnival, LNHC is a renowned Afro-Caribbean street festival and the biggest carnival in Europe which brings different groups together to showcase their different cultures and music. It also uses carnival arts collaboratively and artistically as a catalyst to facilitate artistic excellence, education, engagement, empowerment, entertainment, integration, transformation of perceptions and inspiration.

AFRIMA will identify with and participate at the 2015 London Notting Hill Carnival, LNHC, with a team of AFRIMA officials to showcase the 23.9 carat gold-plated award trophy and give out some of the awards collaterals which include branded T-shirts, literature and other memorabilia as well as propagate and communicate the objectives and vision of AFRIMA to an international audience. In addition, there will be a meeting between members of the AFRIMA International Committee and members of the LNHCET onSeptember 3 in London to further discuss other areas of partnership and collaboration for mutual benefits.

Participation at the 2015 Notting Hill Carnival will bring the awards project in direct interaction with Africans and African music lovers in the Diaspora as an opportunity for every follower and fan of African music to take advantage of AFRIMA’s rich bouquet of events and the on-going voting process which commenced on Friday, August 21 to vote for their favourite artistes in the 29 award categories open for public voting.

Wiyaala with her trophy at AFRIMA 2014

AFRIMA in London for the 2015 carnival is in pursuit of using the music awards as a platform to promote and showcase African artistes and their music to a global audience, ‘by creating value for Africans and deep brand equity for Africa and ultimately uniting Africans at home and in the Diaspora through the joyous celebration of excellence in music’.

In partnership with the African Union Commission, the 2015 awards ceremony is expected to be broadcast to 84 countries on 109 television stations across the world with the support of its media partners.


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