Nigerian Fashion Label FemyToys Debuts Rain/Harmattan 2015 Collection “Geometry By Toys”

Nigerian menswear label, Femytoys has unveiled his latest collection titled “Geometry By Toys”

Geometry by Toys is a collection that depicts the emblem of love which solicits for acceptance both home and abroad.

According to the creative head, Femi Adeyemi, “Sequel to the success of the brands polka and floral collections, there was a need to amalgamate patterns, hence the need for “Geometry”.


Geometry has to do with the collection of patterns; in this context, plain shapes such as circles, polygons, aztec, paisley, floral, spirals, triangles, swirls etc.


In this collection, we have been able to merge these shapes to create beautiful and appealing geometric patterns.


SAP_LookBook_FemyToys_003 SAP_LookBook_FemyToys_007 SAP_LookBook_FemyToys_009 SAP_LookBook_FemyToys_012

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