Discovery 10: Survival Guide for Unconventional Families

This week I discuss my personal survival guide for unconventional families or as we say in Nigeria ‘Broken Homes’.

I find we can be a little too judgmental. We make harsh, sweeping generalizations without any understanding of the peculiarities of a situation. My parents separated when I was 6 but it was only through peoples comments that I realized its negative connotations in society. 

With time and hindsight, I see the great lengths my parents went to shield me. In recent times I have read articles, comments and listened to people make comments about children from ‘broken homes’- (a term I personally find a tad bit distasteful). Comments that personally demonstrate a deep lack of knowledge of that particular dynamic and the strength of purpose its takes for parents to raise level headed kids. 

In today’s vlog, I share my personal experience. I share what I saw my parents do to protect me. I also give advice to children and young adults who are currently going through similar. 

Are you from an unconventional family? What was your family dynamic like? Do you agree or disagree with the points I raised? I’d love to hear from you! Please email me on [email protected]


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