Soberekon Issues Apology Over Skiibii’s Death Rumors

Five star music has been left trying to do major damage control after it emerged that reports of the death of an artist signed under the record label, Skiibii were untrue.

The reports have been generally concluded to be a publicity stunt and public outrage has led to the label apologizing and making amends. Former Five Star Music manager, Soso Soberekon took to Instragram to publicly apologize over the mini-scandal.

He posted, “I’m offering my unreserved apology to everyone,especially Linda Ikeji, all Media houses,Friends, fans, the entire “Five Star Music Group” and the general public.

Following events inaccurately reported in the media on one of the artistes under my management Skiibbii ‘Abbey Toyyib Elias’, that subsequently resulted in adverse publicity to our group.

With my wealth of experience in the entertainment business, I would like to state that events leading to the above misinformation through my channel was due to a breakdown in communication.

I accept full responsibility and this fell short of the high standard that I have always maintained within the industry, thus the reason why I offer this apology.

Going forward, such sensitive situations would be better dealt with.


Thank you for your Understanding.

Soso Soberekon

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