Here’s Why You Should Watch “Mission Impossible; Rogue Nation”

This review was sent in by Dolapo Disu, a movie enthusiast. Enjoy!

I daresay Movie Lovers will certainly love “Mission impossible ; Rogue Nation”. It’s been showing in cinemas in Lagos since August 7 and I rushed off to the cinema to see it because I didn’t want anyone giving me incomplete gist.

The advert& previous Mission Impossible’s had me anticipating for some thriller and action- I swear my excitement had nothing to do with Tom Cruise’s handsomeness.

The beginning was pretty catchy, I was glued to the screen because I didn’t leave my house you find yourself attentive to the cast & their words so you don’t miss out.

IMF got disbanded and a new group is introduced ‘the syndicate’ The syndicate operates almost the Same way IMF operates but a different mission which is the creation of a new world order through a series of terrorist attacks which all seems to be normal to the unsuspecting public.

With Ethan on the road, trying to figure out what & who the syndicate really is, how they operate & how to take them down, he’s assisted by Benji played by Simon Pegg, Jereny Renner played by William Brandt & Alec Baldwin played by Alan Tunley in an under cover act .The lead female role was played by Rebecca Ferguson known as Ilsa Faust, who joined forces with IMF boys and created a great twist to the story.

The various destinations in the movie would interest you due to the choice of the cities . Official cars used in movies were ‘BMW’ but my interest was certainly more on the BMW bikes used in movie for a race, Oh boy ,the bikes & race were definitely on fleek!

With the movie in its fifth installment, you must be prepared for a mildly predictable plot. I mean when llsa Faust( Rebecca Ferguson) who works for another agency teams up with Ethan ( Tom Cruise)& Benji to get the Same thing, you pretty much already know the outcome of that scene in your head .

Sarcasm was greatly used in these movie , it would leave you laughing out loud. The debate between the IMF & the CIA in the beginning & at the end also made use of sarcastic language that lightens the mood.

The end of the movie will leave a smile on your face, after all the rush of adrenaline- the mission as usual was possible .It was a good ending. Kindly note to see the movie with a pack of popcorn or hotdog to fill your mouth because you might find yourself opening your mouth in shock at some point. So if you love action, thriller& adventure go ahead , get the ticket& watch “Mission Impossible ;Rogue Nation”, thank me later.

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