Customer Claims Konga Order Was Delivered By Jumia

Fresh off the back of the Drake vs Meek Mill diss, I’ve spent every moment searching for subliminal messages in even the most innocent remarks.

So, imagine my surprise upon stumbling on an article where a customer claimed to have ordered an item from Konga, only to have it delivered from Jumia. You don’t need a crystal ball to know that both companies are at the forefront of online retail in Nigeria.

In an article published on Business day, journalist Daniel Obi claims to have ordered an item from Konga and he had it delivered by a Jumia agent. In his own words, “This happened recently when I personally placed an order for a phone, iNote Prime IT1701 Tablet – Quad, on and Jumia, another online shopping company delivered the item to me.”

You can read the full article here.

After placing the order which was validated by Konga through an e-mail, I later received a call from an individual – whom I believe works with Jumia – confirming the placement of the order on Konga but I was told that Jumia will deliver the item. This was quite strange because I had ordered for the item through

When I wanted to know how my Konga order got into Jumia hand, the caller said the delivery agent will explain on delivery.”

He also attached a screenshot of his order to plan to back his claim.


It sure seems bizarre to me, but be sure to tell me your thoughts!

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