As technology becomes an increasingly essential part of every aspect of human existence, from education to employment, politics to creativity, the ability to access, navigate, and shape technology is critical to women’s participation in all sectors of society.

Yet there is a serious gender divide when it comes to technological access, literacy, and influence. Women and girls are missing, excluded, and dropping out – whether it’s online, in the classroom, or in the world of work.


How better to reverse this than to create a community of women already using technology for work or play who will support each other, collaborate on social or community projects, and serve as ready mentors for new entrants to technology?

#TechHer is that community of women. #TechHer will increase our productivity, create new entrepreneurial ventures or open access to new income-generating pursuits though interaction, friendship and mentorship.

Target Audience: The entire range of women working/dabbling in technology: developers, bloggers, social media practitioners, or even women who just have a passing interest.

Date – 28th August 2015
Time – 6pm
Venue – will be sent to registered attendees!

Questions/queries? – “mailto:info@chiomachuka.com” info@chiomachuka.com

Come with your questions, answers, and your business cards for our fishbowl raffle!

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