Find out 6 of the world’s most dangerous foods

It’s no surprise most of us like to experiment with adventurous new foods, in particularly when we travel abroad. Nonetheless, these delicacies may be tempting and regularly appear, certain foods can make one viciously ill. Hellofood have gathered together some  of the world’s most dangerous foods that can be eaten but perhaps shouldn’t. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Raw Meat and Uncooked Eggs

Raw meat which includes red meat, seafood, and poultry is still quite common worldwide, when the meat isn’t cooked completely it can contain salmonella bacteria. The same goes for uncooked eggs; this can cause gastroenteritis, which is definitely something you wouldn’t dream of having as it can lead to severe problems that are deadly to those who have weaker immune system. So ensure you light a spark under your meat to avoid any dangers.


The chemical compound Glycoalkaloids is often found in the leaves and stems of potatoes. It can also form inside of the potato if left in the light for too long. If glycoalkaloids is eaten it can lead to bad cramps, bad headaches, or even death. So be wary of potatoes that have a greenish tinge.



Tapioca is another delicacy that when it is raw can be poisonous to humans. The cassava root enzymes produce cyanide which in actually fact is very toxic. A small amount of cyanide can kill even an animal.



Inside the leaves and stems of tomatoes contain alkali poisons which could affect the stomach severely. In addition, it is said that unripe green tomatoes have the same effect.  All the same you would have to ingest massive amounts for it to be disastrous. It’s not something that you’ll consider as high-risk, but you should still be careful to avoid dodge eating tomato leaves.

Raw Cashews

Surprisingly, you may think the cashews you buy in the store are raw but they are not exactly.  The seeds are essentially steamed to eliminate the dangerous substance urushiol is related to the poison ivy and can cause a nasty reaction on your skin. If consume in huge amounts, raw cashews can be lethal, so eat wisely.


Most people are unaware that nutmeg in theory is a hallucinogenic drug.  Eating up to 60 grams can cause a seizure while eating. Whilst taking up to 85 grams can stimulate hallucinations. Those who are bold enough to eat the entire nutmeg should be informed; you can come into a ‘nutmeg psychosis’, which can surely lead to death.


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