Zimbabwe Requests Extradition Of “Lion Killer”

The killing of a 13 year old park lion, Cecil in Zimbabwe has sparked unprecedented outrage beyond Zimbabwe. Cecil was shot by an American dentist, Walter Palmer, who reportedly paid $50,000 to hunt the lion.

Already a Zimbabwean hunting official is facing charges of hunting a collared animal after it was revealed that the lion was lured out of the conservation park with bait.

Zimbabwe’s environment minister, Oppah Muchinguri, has disclosed that his country has put in a request to the United States to allow the extradition of Dr. Palmer.

Muchinguri alleged that Dr. Palmer “had a well-orchestrated agenda which would tarnish the image of Zimbabwe and further strain the relationship between Zimbabwe and the U.S.A.,”

“This must be condemned in the strongest possible terms by all genuine, animal-loving conservationists who believe in sustainable utilization of natural resources.”

He said that Dr. Palmer should be tried in Zimbabwe as officials are taking the investigations “seriously”

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