5 Ways to Choose a Groovy Nightclub

In metropolitan cities, there are many nightclubs where fun lovers indulge and have a good time. For many, the concern is not what to do on a night in town but how to pick from the large selection a city like Port Harcourt or Abuja has to offer.

Jovago.com, Africa’s No 1 Hotel Booking portal rounds up some tips on how to choose a groovy nightclub.


Finding out information about the club is important for choosing a venue where you can indulge. One of the best places to go searching for information is their website. From the website, you can gather hints on how activities conducted at there as well as make budget plans for the evening.

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Where is the club located? How accessible is the club by road? These are pertinent questions you must ask.Before heading out for the night, ensure that the road to the venue is not a route where you are liable to attack or other dangerous incidents. Preferably, go to a club that is in close proximity with your home by either 30 minutes or an hour away.


Music is a key feature in every pub so it will be a huge mistake to go to a club where the disk jockey dishes out songs you cannot dance to. As a DJ, he must be able to dish out amazing songs, that genre you enjoy, which will definitely attract people to the club. Also, the bar must be very classy replete with various drink brands.


In choosing a nightclub, the security of lives must be guaranteed. No nightclub visitor should be susceptible to any attack or harassment.

Talk to friends

If you have got friends who love spending nights out in town, they can give you first-hand information which you will use to determine which nightclub to pick. Friends who have visited these clubs before can authoritatively tell you about the bar, music and other things you feel are important. However, no matter what anyone says, don’t go alone. Go with a friend and one other person that doesn’t take alcoholic drinks. He or she will be the ‘wing-man’ who drives you and your friends home if you get tipsy.

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