One of Nigeria’s foremost Social Media Enterprise, Shawttynatt Media known for its Influence in Digital Communication is set to unveil a unique initiative named – THEHIGHFLYERNG.

The HighflyerNG is a platform created to celebrate the passion, drive and entrepreneurial spirit of distinguish individuals. Whether in social venture, business or a project in the workplace, motivation plays a major role in success; The high flyer is focused on bringing the people behind ground-breaking  success stories to the limelight to motivate, inspire and impact the society at large.


The high flyer is a true entrepreneur who gets things done to achieve results not because he is a boss, he gets things done because they needed to be done – People who IMPACT! The high flyer is an individual that sees no limitation, gives no room for impossibilities, the sky is never their limit as a matter of fact, and the sky is the starting point for The Highflyer. They are proactive goal getters from different walks of life, committed individuals who work relentlessly to achieve phenomenal success.

The highflyer goes from that your neighbour that bought a house from baking cupcake, to the successful furniture maker down your street, to that makeup artist that made Kate Henshaw look beautiful on the red carpet, to that producer of Davido’s hit jam, The Interior Decorator, Event planner, Fashion designer and so much more.  We are not celebrating the Celebrities but people who work to ensure that their success story is written in gold.

The first season of the highflyer is due to premiere online and on our social media channels on 3rd of August 2015 and a fresh episode every week on our platforms.  Get ready to explore with us, get ready to discover with us.



Website: www.thehighflyerng.com

Twitter/Instagram: @thehighflyerng

Facebook: www.facebook.com/thehighflyerng

You can use #TheHighFlyerNG to check for updates across all channels


We are open to partnership, participation and sponsorship; you can email us at thehighflyerng@gmail.com or call us on 08096578015 or 08035296213


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